How To Minecraft

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2nd Edition
Othmar Kyas, 2017 US$2.99 / €2.99

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A Step by Step Guide for Installing and Operating Your Personal Minecraft Server (Windows & Mac OS X)
You have been playing Minecraft in Single Player Mode or on crowded Internet Servers. You are sick of the low performance of these servers, and of all the rules and advertisement they force on you. You have fiddled around with Skype calls in order to find out where among the 12.000 or more other Minecraft players your friends are. You got kicked off of a Minecraft Server one time to often. In short you want to run your own server. At the same time you are not a computer nerd. And you have a hard time understanding the cryptic tutorials in the Internet.

The above sounds familiar? Then this book is for you! In simple steps to be followed by the average PC user it describes:

• How to set up your own Minecraft server on an MS Windows or a Mac PC.

• How to configure your PC / Mac and your home network, so players from outside can connect to your personal Minecraft server.

• Security considerations for operating a Minecraft server, which is accessible from the Internet

• How to configure and administrate your server for maximum performance.

• How to protect your server from destructive players (griefers).

• How to set up automated backups for your worlds.

• How to automate server restarts in case of your server rebooting.