How To Smart Home 5th Edition

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How To Smart Home. 3rd Edition, March 2015. 265 Pages.
ISBN  978-3-944980-07-2

A Step by Step Guide to Your Personal Internet of Things

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Product Description

HOW TO SMART HOME, 5th Edition
Othmar Kyas, May 2017
405 pages. ISBN  978-3-944980-12-6

This book explains state of the art smart home, building automation and Internet of Things technologies and demonstrates step by step how to apply them to real world projects. The toolset covered consists of tablets, smartphones, sensor equipped devices, the Internet and the latest wireline and wireless building automation standards. You will be introduced to technology basics, planning and design principles, security and privacy considerations as well as implementation details and testing philosophies. Expecting no specific know-how upfront, the book is suited for both – the professional consultant as well as the technology loving hobbyist.

After explaining the big picture and the key concepts of state of the art home and building automation, the book will walk you through the implementation of a concrete building automation and control project in a step-by-step manner. At the end of each project phase you should have a real, working solution on your desk, which can be further customized and expanded as desired. No programming skills are required as prerequisite. Scripts are explained line by line, configuration settings step by step. Of course, if you have never written a short automation script or configured a DSL router, at some point your learning curve will be steeper than that of others. However, everything you learn will be based on open standard technologies, which you will be able to utilize in any other IT related project.

Technologies and platforms which are used in the project are:

  • Wi-Fi / WLAN
  • Telnet, HTTP, TCP/IP
  • Z-Wave, a smart home communication standard
  • ZigBee, a smart home communication standard
  • KNX, a smart home communication standard
  • Drools, an open source object oriented rule engine
  • OpenRemote, an open source Internet of Things software platform
  • IFTTT (IF This Than That), a cloud based Internet of Things control service
  • Google Sheets, a cloud based spreadsheet service, part of Googles G Suite
  • Google Apps Script, a scripting environment based on JavaScript for G Suite products
  • macOS / Linux / Windows 10 / Java

The capabilities of the smarthome project described in the second half of the book are:

  • smartphone / tablet based display of weather and temperature
  • smartphone / tablet based control of lights, heating, power-outlets, consumer electronics devices
  • smartphone / tablet based control for scenarios such as Good Morning, Welcome, Good Night, Leaving Home
  • operation of an audio reminder system with text-to-voice conversion of calendar items
  • rule based scenario execution, triggered by time, date, weather condition or temperature
  • rules for scenarios such as
    – empty home (empty during the day)
    – vacant home (vacant for two or more days)
    – warmup (activation of heating without night savings to bring up temperature in a vacant home)
    – presence simulation (light activity to simulate presence)
    – deactivation of all rules
  • iOS / Android location based presence detection and geofencing using IFTTT and Google Docs
  • integration with other smart home platforms and intelligent devices via IFTTT
  • VPN based remote control from outside of the house
  • Automated restoration of operation after power outages or planned downtime

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